Top 10 Best Email Marketing Services To Increase Sales and ROI

In the 21st century, online marketing has taken a whole different meaning with the advent of social media. But email marketing is still very meaningful in today’s context too as it informs potential and existing customers about what your company does, plans to do in future and wish to sell.

E-letters/newsletters are the best way to keep your customers informed about the company and advertise your product. Listed here are the top 10 best email marketing services available at your disposal.

10 Best Email Marketing Services of 2016

1. Aweber

Termed as most used email marketing services in the world, AWEBER has been the first choice of thousands of marketers. With custom built autoresponder and social media message interface to send information about new email to your twitter and Facebook friends, it comes with a variety of templates of various designs, custom sign up forms, autoresponders.

It also provides facility to analyze and reporting of the emails and impressive customer support. Another major attraction of this service is blog newsletter and email marketing API for third party integration.

2. MailChimp

Another major email service that has large user base is MailChimp. Whether you have to craft a newsletter or to build a subscriber list, Mailchimp provides an excellent facility to send emails to subscribers and proper tracking of the emails. It also gives a detailed report of email opened, bounced, clicks on links, etc. which helps you to strategize better for future email campaigns.

It also comes with a huge variety of email templates, sign up forms and designs needed for sending attractive emails and newsletters.

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3. GetResponse

Known for its easy-to-use interface and simplest email service, Get Response comes with many unique features required for great emails and newsletters. With drag and drop email builder, you can create beautiful email templates with a variety of editing options.

Its Landing Page creator is also a very handy tool to create a custom-made full landing page. If you have to build a brand image for your company, Get Response will be the best choice for it.

4. Benchmark Email

This email service comes with its video tutorials and email marketing manuals which make this service an excellent choice. With its webinars and email marketing articles, any user can learn to develop stunning emails.

This email marketing service boasts about its intuitive design which is quite important when you are creating new email campaigns. It provides a quick process and easy to use drag and drop elements as you go along the editing procedure on the included templates.

While sending test emails via this service, it arrived in most of the inboxes successfully. This service also provides the ability to track the efficiency of your email campaigns. You can easily see which subscriber has opened your emails, clicked on the links or even forwarded your emails.

Benchmark email mobile app makes it very easy to schedule and send emails to mobile users.

5. Streamsend

For branding your company, Streamsend is the best option for you. Sharing emails and social media tools make work easier to build your brand. Few of major features of this service are multiple languages support, reselling option to clients and ability to manage multiple users.

This service offers you with nine separate spam filters which you can run across your email through, to identify any problems that are required to be resolved before sending your emails.

With this service, you can also keep tabs on various associated statistics which includes, open rates, forward rates, click rates along with ounce rates, which will help you in determining the response of your contacts to your emails.

Just go ahead and use their trial services and decide for yourself.

6. iContact

iContact helps to keep your business visible with numerous email inboxes as sending better email helps to sell more stuff.

This is easy to use website which focuses on the business need of its client to increase their customer list & also to successfully reach to their inboxes. If your email list is increasing then not to worry as it offers various tools to manage them all. It also offers the facility of Spamcheck™ to ensure that every email reaches to the inbox.

It has social media feature too which helps to schedule the messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites.

7. Constant Contact

The selling point used by Constant Contact is the most cost effective email marketing solution.

The worthwhile and interesting feature of Constant Contact is that they offer a personal marketing coach to their every customer who assists & guide the customer wherever any query or problem occurs as timers, email newsletters, and autoresponders are quite challenging to set up, so this feature becomes quite a valuable in this scenario.

This website also offers excellent free tools like Survey Monkey and Eventbrite. Its services are easy to use so it is the best website for the beginner regardless whatever the technical need is.

8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is the email marketing service provider website which has an amazing ability to create marketing automation sequences in an easy & affordable manner.

It is very much helpful for beginners who are unfamiliar. Marketing automation is the ability which assists in creating pre-built sequences of emails to sending to the people who are in the list.

The most powerful component of this website is that a user can look at any person in his CRM and can check a full history of which emails they’ve opened, replied or which pages on your site they’ve visited etc.

9. Campaigner

Exclusively positive aspect of campaigner is that all of its plans offer the access to all of the features however it does not include much variety. It includes all the same basic features which are available in top-rated email marketing software.

Additionally, it also offers many advanced features too and the accessibility with the same features whether you have 500 contacts or 5,000. If you are failing in producing the revenue you want then you just try this website once. It offers high deliverability with industry leading features.

It offers award-winning customer support service which is 24/7 available.

10. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is one of the easiest ways for creating, sending, tracking & sharing the emails online. It is a website which makes its users delightful and offers them powerful service. It provides easy integration with amazing deliverability.

By using its social media button a user can align his campaign with social media strategy. It integrates with add-ons without charging an extra fee. Working on this website is so easy that you can even create professional & fashionable looking emails without having much knowledge.

It offers simplifying designing tools which differentiate it with its competitors and offer a competitive advantage to the website.

With this, we end our top 10 email marketing services that you can try. Use them, send emails, observe the impact of the emails and let us know about your experiences. Mention your reviews and suggestions in our comments section.