How To Change Gmail Settings So That You Can Use It Easily on Any Device

Your Gmail account is essential from different perspectives because it can add one of the most important sources of formal and informal communication in the present world.

It is only with the help of your Gmail account that you can perform multiple functions, including sending and receiving emails and conducting Different types of meetings on Google meet

What Are The Different Ways in Which You Can Easily Change Gmail Setting

It is only with the help of your account that you can schedule different types of functions and accordingly develop different types of plans.

It is important to remember that all these functions and settings are set by default, and since you are the owner of the account, you always have the liberty to change the settings. 

The basic settings like the username of Gmail and when the background of the email folder can also be changed according to your specifications.

So if you want to undertake the required changes instantly, it becomes extremely important to make sure that you have performed the following steps. 

Steps to change the Gmail settings

A detailed list of the steps to change the Gmail settings has to be given in the following way. 

Open Gmail

One of the first processes to be followed is opening your Gmail account by either using a Web Browser on a computer or laptop or simply a downloaded application on that system.

Once you open the Gmail applications, you have to log in to the email id by entering your password and your username, and you will be taken to the page of your email ID. The next steps will follow from there. 

Go to settings

To incorporate the desired changes, you have to visit the top right corner of the Gmail account page, in which you will see a drop-down arrow of settings.

You have to click on the settings to ensure that the best results can be created in the minimum amount of time.

This tab will display a list of the features that you can change according to your preferences in your Gmail account.

It includes your username and the background colour of your web page, along with other types of details such as sending and scheduling emails at a specific time. 

Types of Settings

You can also make the desired changes related to the spam box and the number of days the spam emails will be deleted. You can also find certain Email addresses and command that all such emails would be sent in your email account’s promotional or spam box.

You can organize your emails in a much better way by developing proper folders and transferring your emails from one place to another.

All the settings can be easily executed with the help of this drop-down list that has been provided in the column. 

Save the changes

Once you have incorporated all the changes, it becomes extremely important to save the changes instantly so that all the settings you have changed are saved together. 


With the help of this process, all the changes to your Gmail account and your Gmail settings can be made instantly, and without getting indulged in any other kind of process, you can perform all the functions easily. 






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